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Staff Information

If you are interested in working the 2023 Area 6 Match, please complete the Staff Application at the link below.

May 11-14 @ Rowan County Wildlife Association in Salisbury, North Carolina.

Staff Application

Thank you!!

Positions Needed
  • Set Up Staff​ - Will arrive early (if traveling) and work Monday - Wednesday to set up stages and range for the match.  An additional $20/day will be given Mon-Wed. (total $60 per day on Setup Days) plus lunch and lodging in staff room if needed.

  • Chief Range Officer (“CRO”) – is the primary authority over all persons and activities in the courses of fire under his control, and oversees the fair, correct and consistent application of these rules (under the authority of the Range Master).  --  Donna Webb will assign CROs to each stage.  We ask experienced CROs and Rangemasters to mentor newer CROs.

  • Range Officer (“RO”) – issues range commands, oversees competitor compliance with the written stage briefing and closely monitors safe competitor action. He also declares the time, scores, and penalties achieved by each competitor and verifies that these are correctly recorded on the competitor’s score sheet (under the authority of a Chief Range Officer and Range Master).

  • Stage Staff - will assist on stages by pasting, scoring or any other activity needed.  Will be directed by CRO.

  • Admin Staff - will work with Match Director.  Jobs could include working in office or assisting with caring for staff working on stages.  Includes check in activities, parking assistance, making sure stages have water and ice, etc.  Will be directed by Match Director.

​**All stage staff are required to tear down stage (when instructed by RM) and have all items at entrance to bay before leaving in order to complete your responsibility.  A bonus will be given to all that stays to assist with putting away all props and supplies and with making sure all bays and range areas are clean.

Staff Package
  • Shoot Match Free on Thursday, 5/11 (Staff Day)

  • Lunch, snacks, drinks at range each day

  • $40/day per diem (food and gas)

  • Match Staff Shirt

  • Prizes – Exclusive Staff Prize Table

  • RO Dinner – Saturday night

  • Special Gift

  • Experience – Level 3 Match Experience for your Work Record



If traveling more than 50 miles and lodging is needed:


  • Lodging is covered 5/10-5/14 (4 nights at match hotel)  If you are coming in early or staying late, please work with me directory.

  • If you want to book your own lodging, you will receive up to $300. Receipts are required for reimbursement of lodging.  **Deadline for getting a staff room at hotel is 4/15.**

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